The Beautiful people of Havana

Even though I visited over 40 countries, Cuba was still missing from my list. Up until now that is…. I just came back from Havanna, totally surprised, and my mind full of this wonderful city.

I was so surprised with what I felt,when walking the streets of Havana. And walking I did, 7 hours a day,2 days in a row, I strolled down endless little streets with my camera in my hands. There is quite a lot of poverty, internet is for the majority of people non-existent, so my mindset when I started was to be a bit careful. But what I felt was safe and welcome, this is by far the most pleasant city to walk around in central and south America.

Havanna has a great vibe, passionate music, and warm and pleasant people. A line a number of people used in the streets is:”.. here in Cuba we got music, rum and cigars….no violence…”

Of course after only 4 days there, I only saw the tip of the iceberg, but……. I highly recommend a visit

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